About Stan Hunkovic

About Stan Hunkovic




Who I am: Father of Gabriel and Anastasia 

Occupation:  Paramedic/Firefighter

Baltimore, MD- United States


Please watch this video to learn about me, my family, and my two precious children.

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Interests:  Bringing My Children Home!



Letters of Reference:

Bishop Galeone 

Charles Watson-EMT/FF/Co-Worker

ER Staff at St. Joseph Hospital-Dr-PA-RN-LPN    

Lila Bakke (neighbor)

Dr. Zoltan Szabo (neighbor/parishioner)    

Sean Fields-former Co-Worker/Minister         

Mark Shaw-Friend for over 35 years   

Jim Giantomasi-Neighbor-Married to Lila Blakke

Chief James Devers-Retired My Previous Chief

Capt.Dave Miller (Co-Worker)    

     Capt Richard Lannen-My Station Captain

     Bridget Poole/PM/FF/CoWorker

     Amanda Prosser-PM/CoWorker   

Cherie Bredbury

Dave Murphy-Retired Div Chief-Now Adjunct Prof






 Contact Me:  my_twoangels@outlook.com